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Health Care Centre

The University greatly values the health of its students and staff. A Health Centre has been established to facilitate treatment of general ailments, first aid and referral services to the employees and students. A Medical Officer has been appointed at the Health Centre. OPD timings are from 09:00 am till 05:30 pm except Sunday & Gazetted Holidays. Medicines given from Health Centre are free of cost and emergency kits are provided at various places for First Aid. The Health Centre also looks after the social, preventive and environmental of the Campus.


  1. Minor OPD facility for treatment of general ailments.
  2. In-house facility covering basic medicines and pain killers.
  3. Facilities for Nebulization
  4. In-house availability of Ambulance for referrals by Medical Officer in case of dire emergency on Campus on nominal payment no profit no loss policy.
  5. In case of dire emergency, on call availability of Medical Officer and Supporting Staff.
  6. Health advisories are issued from time to time.

Annual Health Advisories

Notification-1098:  Empaneled Doctors for Central University of Punjab, Bathinda

Notification-967:  Empaneled Doctors for Central University of Punjab, Bathinda