Health Care Centre

The university greatly values the health status of its students and staff. A fully-equipped Health Centre has been established to provide OPD, indoor, emergency, referral and other services to its employees and students. Medical Officer has been apointed to take care of health Centre. OPD timings are from 8.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM while medical officer and supporting staff are available 24 hours on call.Some local physicians, hospitals and nursing homes have been empanelled for providing specialist services to staff and students.Health Centre have Medicines are given from Health Centre free of cost and emergency kits are provided at various placers for firstaid.  The Health Centre also looks after the social, preventive and environmental health of the Campus.


  • 24 hours availablity of Ambulance with driver.
  • ECG Facility and Auto analyzer.
  • 24 hours availiblity of Medical Officer and Supporting Staff on call.

List of Empanneled Doctors, Hospitals & Nursing Homes

Notification-479:  Empaneled Doctors for Central University of Punjab, Bathinda

Notification-690: Additonal list of Empaneled Doctors for Central University of Punjab

Notification-967:  Empaneled Doctors for Central University of Punjab, Bathinda