Computing Support

The university computer centre was established in year 2009 with the vision to serve as a valuable resource for academia, industry & society and be one of the leading computer centre's in the region

The university has a modern computer centre with parallel-connected latest configuration workstations (Dell®/HP) each featuring Windows 7 /Windows 8 ultimate OS, 2GB RAM and Intel® i5 3 GHz processors. 6 high end workstations and a Blade Server with capacity for 16 blades is also there in Computer Centre. The present number of populated blades is twelve, each with 16 GB RAM. Computer Centre also have Apple iMacs Systems with 8GB memory and 1 TB hard disk.

Hardware :

12 BladeServers(HP2.80GHzprocessors)
4 * Intel Xeon L5506 4 physical cores 16GB RAM HDD 150GB
4 * Intel Xeon X5670 6 physical cores 16GB RAM HDD 150GB
4 * Intel Xeon X5670 6 physical cores 16GB RAM HDD 300 GB

Total 511 Desktops

186 Desktops in Computer Centre

Dell Optiplex 780 (C2D 3.00GHz Processor, 2GB, 320GB)
—Dell Optiplex 980 (i5 3.20GHz Processor, 2GB, 320GB)
—Dell Optiplex 990MT (i5 3.10GHz Processor, 2GB, 500GB)
—Dell Optiplex 9010 (i7 3.10GHz Processor, 2GB, 500GB)
—Dell Optiplex 9020 (i7 3.10GHz Processor, 4GB, 500GB)
—HP Compaq ELITE8300 (i7  3.40GHz Processor, 4GB, 500GB)
—Apple iMacs (8GB, 1TB)

Software :

Software solutions such as GeneMapper®, SeqScape®, BioTrekker™, SigmaPlot® with Systat, PAWS, SPSS, Chem. Bio, Origin 8.1, etc. have been procured.

Internet Facility:

The university has excellent internet facility. Two lease lines (20 Mbps and 100 Mbps) and 1Gbps NKN Link have already been installed.

Different Labs under Computer Centre


—All the systems are on UPS support.
—In computer Centre 170 systems are supported by 11 online UPS (6KVA)
—The server room has two online UPS (6KVA) support
—Generator Backup 24*7

Computer Centre is opened from 9 AM to 6.30 PM from Monday to Friday and 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM on Saturday

Important rules while accessing Computer Centre:

  1. Locker facility is available in the entrance to keep belongings before accessing the systems.
  2. Mobile phones have to be in airplane/silent mode. Answering phone calls inside the lab is strictly prohibited.
  3. Eating/drinking inside the centre is strictly prohibited.
  4. Students need to log in the system by using username and password allotted to them. Contact Compute Centre Staff for log-in credentials..
  5. Accessing social network sites (Facebook, Google+, Orkut etc.) are strictly prohibited.
  6. Accessing pornography websites are strictly prohibited and it will lead to dismissal and legal actions.
  7. Portable USB storage media (Pen Drives) and Optical Media (CD/DVD/BlueRayetc) are blocked in all the systems except system Nos. 74 and 78. To save files in these systems, a map-drive facility is available, so as shared USB hubs. For details, contact Mr. Amandeep Singh Mann.