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Green House and Net house Facility

Green House and Net house Facility:
University established Green House Facility in 2013 at City campus, Bathinda, and it is now shifted to main campus, Ghudda. This facility was built to conduct climate control experiments and for hardening of the plants raised through tissue culture. The green house is designed and commissioned by Bhanu Biotech, New Delhi. The approximate cost of this facility including its dismantling and reinstallation at New Campus is Rs. 13 lacs.     
This facility at present  is installed in the premises of University Botanical Garden. This facility has one climate controlled chamber (20x15 ft) and a Net house (20x15ft). The Green house chamber is equipped with ECS cooling system and roof heaters which can maintain temperature ~15°C from ambient temperature. It has a fogging system which can maintain humidity up to 99 %. LEDs and fluorescence lights are installed to control the day length for specific plant species. The green house is automatically controlled by an auto-controller installed in the Ante-room.

Green House Facility (Old Campus)
Green House

Green HouseGreen HouseGreen House

Green House Facility at Main campus (Reinstalled in Feb, 2021)

Green House

Green House

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