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Research Opportunities

The Central University of Punjab, Bathinda is a research centric University. Research and innovation are essential to the mission of our University which contributes directly to social well-being culture, health, advancement of society and economic development. Here, the faculty is involved in carrying out both basic as well as applied research along-with sociological and historical research. Research activities flourish in an environment of academic freedom which means that faculty and research students have freedom of inquiry and the right to disseminate the findings there of. The highlights of the research opportunities are:

  • Students are encouraged to pursue research across all disciplines and there are opportunities for everyone: the artist, the writer, the scientist, social scientist, the computer engineer, the educationist, the environmentalist and many others. The commitment to postgraduate students is to create knowledge that transforms the real world and also to foster intellectually exciting partnerships between the teachers and students.
  • The University is continuously strengthening the Institutional infrastructure along with capacity for research and encouraging its faculty to serve its research goals through their commitment to engage in research, industry connect, collaboration with other universities and scientific institutions of repute both in India and abroad that are consonant with the values of the university.
  • The University educates its members in various matters of research integrity by adopting the specific appropriate policies like patent filing, etc., and provides developmental opportunities to the faculty for submitting research proposals to various funding agencies, attending special training courses or workshops and also to publish high quality research.
  • The University administration encourages the best performing research groups, students by providing incentives /awards such as Research award (for cumulative impact actor more than 10 and 15), Best Student (for both PG students and Research scholars) and Appreciation Certificates to promote the research culture.
  • The University encourages new faculty to take up minor research projects in global thrust areas and earmarks appropriate budget for research seed money. Not only from internal sources, has the University also raised funding support for research through external sources.
  • The University has many facilities like cell culture, plant tissue culture, animal housing and botanical garden for carrying out research in various areas.   Here the Faculty members are well aware of their commitment to PhD students working in the research projects and they review the output of the research with their students on regular basis.
  • The University has a Research Advisory Committee functioning under the chairmanship of Honorable Vice Chancellor to periodically review and guide for the progression of the cutting-edge research. The members of the committee are stalwarts in their respective areas of expertise. The primary role of the Committee is to support and advise the implementation, development, dissemination of all research, review and evaluation of the activities related to research.
  • For the recruitment and promotion of faculty in addition to other academic responsibilities, research output is considered as one of the key criteria and it is assessed by conducting internal and external research audit.
  • The faculty members and students of our university conduct good quality research, leading to significant publications, presentations in National/International conferences of repute.
  • Most importantly, the University translates new knowledge, technology innovations, and tools emerging out the research carried out here into commercial products and thus, processes for benefit of the society. Through Intellectual Property Right (IPR) cells, experts are invited to guide and provide directions for protecting their IPR.