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Media Lab

Media Lab/ Studio

The Department of Mass Communication and Media Studies has a Media Lab for the students to learn Television Production, Filmmaking, Photography and Page Designing. Students can make various audio-video programmes like news bulletin, panel discussions, interviews, chat shows, documentaries, short films, music videos. Following facilities are available in the lab:-

  1. Video Production- 5 Video cameras with HD 4K recording, 2 Full Frame HD SLRs with 4K recording, Heavy-Duty Tripods, Reflectors, 5 iMacs Editing workstations with non-linear editing software
  2. Radio Production- Digital Sound Recorder, 4 Professional shotgun microphones, 3 Lapel Microphones, non-linear editing software
  3. Photography- 2 Full Frame DSLRs, 5 Professional DSLRs (Crop Sensor), Reflectors
  4. Newspaper Designing- Open source software

Available Media Lab/ Studio