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Students Counselling Cell

The Counseling Cell-Central University of Punjab is aimed at taking care of the psychological well-being of University students and employees. It provides comprehensive preventive and general psychological services to the students, faculty and staff of the University. The members of the cell could deal with various psychological issues such as distress, burnout, mental fatigue, anxiety, de-motivation, academic failure, conflict resolution, dealing with difficult situations, time management, adjustment issues, and assessment of some prevailing psychological conditions that need medical supervision, etc. All contacts and information obtained during the course of counselling are kept confidential.

Members of the Cell

  • Dr. Jeyavel, S., Associate Professor
  • Dr. Anugraha Merin Rajan, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Shubhdip Kaur, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Sajad Ahamd Najar, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Rebeka Debbarma, Assistant Professor


  • To counsel and guide University students and employees on various issues and help them to manage personal, professional and academic demands of University life effectively
  • To facilitate students to adjust to the new environment. 
  • To help students and employees of all beliefs and identities who may react to such events with feelings that include anger, hurt, confusion, fear, helplessness, loneliness, and hopelessness
  • To counsel the students requesting a withdrawal from a specific academic programme for non-academic reasons.
  • To provide prompt counselling for mental health emergencies arising on account of highly charged events on the campus.
  •  To identify and refer mental health issues requiring medical and psychiatric assistance.