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Programme Offered 2020-21

PG Programmes

Program Code Program Name
MB-ABB-F MBA (Agribusiness)
MS-FST-F M.Sc. Food Science & Technology
MS-LBC-F M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Biochemistry)
MS-LPS-F M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Plant Sciences)
MS-CHM-F M.Sc. Chemistry
MS-CAC-F M.Sc. Chemistry (Specialization Applied Chemistry)
MS-SSS-F M.Sc. Chemistry (Computational Chemistry)
MS-LBI-F M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Bioinformatics)
MS-PCP-F M.Sc. Physics (Computational Physics)
MS-MAT-F M.Sc. Mathematics
MS-STA-F M.Sc. Statistics
MS-LMS-F M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Microbial Sciences)
MH-MPC-F M.Pharm. Pharmaceutical Sciences (Medicinal Chemistry)
MH-MPG-F M.Pharm. Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacogonosy and Phytochemistry)
MS-CMC-F M.Sc. Chemical Sciences (Medicinal Chemistry)
MH-MPL-F M.Pharm. Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacology)
MS-PHY-F M.Sc. Physics
MS-LAS-F M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Animal Sciences)
MA-EDU-F M.A. Education
MS-CST-F M.Tech. Computer Science and Technology
MT-CBS-F M.Tech. Computer Science and Technology (Cyber Security)
MS-EST-F M.Sc. Environment Science and Technology
MA-GEO-F M.A. Geography
MS-GEO-F M.Sc. Geography
MS-EGS-F M.Sc. Geology
MS-LHG-F M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Human Genetics)
MS-LMM-F M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Molecular Medicine)
ML-LIS-F M.Lib. I.Sc. (Master of Library & Information Sciences
MA-JMC-F M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication
MA-POL-F M.A. Political Science
MA-ENG-F M.A. English
MA-HIN-F M.A. Hindi
MA-PBI-F M.A. Punjabi
MA-ECO-F M.A. Economics
MA-HIS-F M.A. History
MA-PSY-F M.A. Psychology
MA-SOC-F M.A. Sociology

Ph.D. Programmes

Program Code Program Name
PH-BOT-F Ph.D. in Botany
PH-ZOL-F Ph.D. in Zoology
PH-CHM-F Ph.D. in Chemistry
PH-LBC-F Ph.D. in Biochemistry
PH-LMS-F Ph.D. in Microbial Sciences
PH-CST-F Ph.D. in Computer Science and Technology
PH-MAT-F Ph.D. in Mathematics
PH-MPS-F Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences
PH-PHY-F Ph.D. Physics
PH-EDU-F Ph.D. in Education
PH-EST-F Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences 
PH-LHG-F Ph.D. in Geography
PH-POL-F Ph.D. in Political Science
PH-LHG-F Ph.D. in Human Genetics
PH-LMM-F Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine
PH-ECO-F Ph.D. in Economics
PH-JMC-F Ph.D. in Mass Communication & Media Studies
PH-MCM-F Ph.D. in Commerce
PH-PBI-F Ph.D. in Punjabi
PH-HIN-F Ph.D. in Hindi