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Internship Centre for Students/Short-term Placement in Startups

Welcome to the Internship Centre for Students of Central University of Punjab, Bathinda. This centre was established in the year 2020. The internship programs offered by the various institutes/ universities/organisations during summer/winter vacations or other periods provide an ample opportunities for post-graduate students to learn and get first-hand experience of new techniques/research/industrial application/professional skills. Through this internship, student acquires knowledge other than the course curriculum and also gets acquainted with certain specialised subject/professional ethics. This centre is dedicated to facilitate and encourage the students to join various internship programs without affecting their academic calendar. Students from other institutes/ Universities/Organisations is expected to join our University for the internship programme. This Centre will help assisting students from various disciplines to get short-term placement in start-ups.     


Dr. Jitendra Kumar Pattanaik (Coordinator)
Associate Professor & HOD
Department of Geology
Dr. Prashant Sudhir Alegaonkar (Member)
Associate Professor and HOD
Department of Physics
Dr. Rakesh Kumar (Member)
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry

Objectives of the Centre:

The objectives of the Centre are to:

  • Encourage and facilitate students to join various national and international internship program
  • Establish mechanism to provide internship program to aspirant students at our University
  • Prepare subject wise list of national and international internship program
  • Assist students for short-term placement in start-ups