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Incubation & Pre-incubation Cell

The establishment of Incubation and pre-incubation cell at the Central University of Punjab has been conceptualized to imbibe the Innovation and Entrepreneurship culture among the young minds and also to promote and sustain innovations right from the generation of idea to the development of the start-up. The main aim is to shape next generation entrepreneurs.  The incubator will provide a defined set of services to individuals or small companies. This may include flexible lease terms, specific office space, access to technology, technical assistance and financing. The technical assistance might include marketing, legal, finance, HR, and other business development services. The Incubator will play a critical role in promoting knowledge transfer by locating similar or complementary entities in close proximity to each other. The cell will ensure that there will be minimal financial risk to young entrepreneurs.

Members of the Cell

  1. Prof. Anjana Munshi - Coordinator
  2. Prof. Ramakrishna Wusurika
  3. Prof. Raj Kumar
  4. Prof. Monisha Dhiman
  5. Dr. Aklank Jain
  6. Dr. Puneet Bansal
  7. Dr. Sandeep Singh
  8. Dr. Yashi Srivastava
  9. Prof. Tarun Arora (legal advisor)

Objectives of the Cell

  1. To serve as a platform for promotion of self-employment activities.
  2. To foster a culture of innovation amongst students and  to propel successful innovation
  3. To promote start-ups based on novel or existing technologies/processed/knowledge/innovations.
  4. To provide platform for commercialization of technologies either developed by Central University of Punjab of by any academic/technical/R&D institution.
  5. To establish a network between academia, industries and government/private financial institutes.
  6. To mentor start-ups by providing scientific mentoring, legal as well as technical advising and helping them in matters related to Intellectual Property Rights.
  7. To strengthen the economic status of 5 adopted villages of CUPB by helping them to create small and cottage scale start-ups.