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Dr. Ambedkar Chair on Human Rights and Environmental Values


Dr. Ambedkar Chair on Human Rights and Environmental Values is established in the Central University of Punjab, Bathinda. The Central University of Punjab, has been established in 2009 along with other new Central Universities by an Act of Parliament (No 25, of 2009). Central University has completed a remarkable journey of 13 years. University is accredited ‘A+’ grade in 2023 in second accreditation cycle by NAAC. 

Dr. Ambedkar Chair is fully funded chair by Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, New Delhi. The objective of the Chair is to serve as centre of learning and research on the subjects concerning Dr. Ambedkar’s ideology and Philosophy on Environmental Values, Constitution, Human Rights, issues concerning the socio-economic and cultural life of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. The Chair will establish an innovative research and training programme on Dr. Ambedkar. 

The Ambedkar Chair’s goals are also to study on women, children, labour class, minorities, Backward Classes, Marginalized and other Weaker Sections of the Society in the light of Ambedkar's ideas and philosophy. 

Recently, Prof. Kanhaiya Tripathi joined as a Chair Professor in the Dr. Ambedkar Chair.


About Us



Hon’ble Prof. Raghvendra Prasad Tiwari

 Vice Chancellor



Prof. Kanhiya Tripathi

Chair Professor
Dr. Ambedkar Chair
Mobile: (+91) 9818759757, (+91) 8989154081
Email: or


Aim of Chair

The Chair’s Programmes and objectives in details are as given bellow:

  • To encourage learning, research and discussion on Human Rights, Climate Change and Ideology of Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar
  • To commence STP on “Human Rights, Climate Change and Contemporary Challenges, Leadership of Indian Icons 
  • To conduct training programmes/internship/seminars/conferences/symposia for students, scholars, thinkers and deprive section 
  • To study of marginality, socio-political-cultural aspects
  • To examine the contributions of Dr. Ambedkar to the universal notions of liberty, equality, democracy, fraternity and justice in the age of the Artificial Intelligence
  • To study the legal and humanitarian intellectual scholarship of Dr B R Ambedkar 
  • To conduct legal awareness programmes on human rights, gender neutrality, sanitation, health and nature in the local communities 
  • To conduct Annual Ambedkar Memorial Lecture
  • Publication of Working Papers related to Dr. Ambedkar ideology and philosophy
  • Publication a Impactful Journal 
  • To prepare a best digital platform on Dr. Ambedkar’s literature and impactful work on Dr. Ambedkar
  • To prepare short film, documentary, books and telefilm on Dr. Ambedkar and contemporary issues for social justice
  • To launch a good research programme like- Ph. D. and D. Lit. Programme
  • To making a best practices prepare and signing MoUs with reputed institutes, universities and NGOs