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Alumni Cell


In compliance with UGC DO No. 1-8/2021(IC) dated 13.01.21 and subsequent notification regarding Alumni cell constitution dated 29th Jan 2021. Alumni connect program is being introduced to encourage Indian HEI to engage with alumni  (Foreign and Indian origin and undertake a number of activities.


To Share the latest initiatives , and developments of the Institution 

Networking, Getting together, participating in conference seminars webinars, 

Honour distinguished alumni for supporting brand building exercises as well as the overall development of the institution


  • Prof. Sanjeev Thakur Chief Coordinator
  • Prof. Alpna Saini Coordinator
  • Dr. Vinod Kumar Coordinator
  • Dr. Sandeep Singh Coordinator
  • Dr. Sumedha Dutta Coordinator 

The first activity o the cell was to generate Alumni who after graduating from their respective degree programs have moved abroad for higher education or Post doc/jobs.

The motive of the cell is to organize activities to fulfill the vision of NEP 2020. 


Under the flagship of the Alumni connect program, UGC, and the vision of NEP 2020, the Alumni Cell, Central University of Punjab, organized an online meeting on 12th March 2021 at 10:00 am. During this meeting two notable alumni Dr. Devender Meena, Research Scientist, Imperial College London andDr. Ravi Prakash Cholia, Post Doc. at University of Arkansas, USA. shared their experience 

Alumni Connect Programme  -2022  




First Alumni Connect programme -2021