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Institutional Ethics Committee

Constitution of Committee

1.Prof. Lajya Devi Goyal, AIIMS, Bathinda (Chairperson)
2.Prof. Ramakrishna Wusirika (DIA)
3.Prof. Anjana Munshi (Dean Research)
4.Prof. Monisha Dhiman, Department of Microbiology, CUP
5.Dr. Tarun Goyal, AIIMS, Bathinda.
6.Dr. Rajinder Kumar Sen, Associate Professor, Department of Hindi, CUP
7.S. Raj Paul Singh, Bathinda
8.Advocate Gurpreet Singh, Bathinda
9.Dr. Sandeep Singh, Member Secretary, CUP
10.Dr. Ravindresh Chhabra, Alternate Member secretary, CUP

STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE Institutional Ethics Committee

Application for IEC approval

Form: To be filled by the Principal Investigator (PI) for submission to Research Cell(RC)



Research Ethics Committee Notification 2021

Research Ethics Committee Notification 2018

Research Ethics Committee Notification 2014