IIC Activities

                                            Details of Activities

Activities Date Photos In Press
1.  Innovation Day Campaign          15.10.2019 Photos Bathinda Tribune
2.  Quiz Competition on General Awareness on IPR  08.11.2019  Photos

Dainik Jagran

Dainik Bhaskar

3. Laboratory-Based Innovative Approaches to learn Biotechnology Techniques 13.11.2019 Photos News
4. Workshop on Azure Machine Learning Competition and AI Gaming Tournament





5. Lecture cum Open Session Meet on “Academics, Innovation & Entrepreneurship: The Path from Idea to Reality 29.11.2019 Photos

Bathinda Tribune

Dainik Savera

6. One day seminar on “Importance of Intellectual Property Management in Academic and Research Institute” 14.12.2019    
7. Online poster making on the theme “Innovate for green future” competition on World IP Day 26.04.2020 Photo  
8. Rally for “Voting Awareness Campaign” in village Katar Singh Wala 30.04.2020 Photo  
9. "Start-up Ecosystem and Role of Universities" by Prof GL Puntambekar 05.11.2020    
10. Identifying Intellectual Property component at the early stage of Innovation” 24.11.2020    
11. Taking CUPB from Central to Global University” 12.12.2020    
12. Recent Trends of Patenting in India” 29.12.2020    
13. My Story –Successful start-up founder 01.02.2021    
14, Ideathon 26.02.2021    
15, Building an Ecosystem of incubation and Innovation 12.04.2021    

16. Webinar on “Challenges for Women Academicians andEntrepreneurs: Strategies to Overcome them” on International Women’s Day


17. Webinar on “Innovations during COVID19 Pandemic: "India’s response to become a global leader” on World Health Day

18. Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and IP management for start-up 28.04.2021    
19. Webinar on “Social Entrepreneurship” 30.06.2021    
20. Webinar “Machine Learning: AN Innovation Learning in Biology” 01.07.2021    
21. Webinar on “From Academic Excellence to Enterprise” 03.07.2021