Centre for Curriculum Research, Policy and Educational Development (CCRPED)

The Centre for Curriculum Research, Policy and Educational Development (CCRPED) was established under the School of Education on 25-01-2018 under PMMMNMTT project of MHRD. It is serving as a catalyst to accelerate the development in the area of educational research, curriculum development and future pedagogies. The centre is focusing on design and development of curriculum strengthening capacities for curricular analysis and its evaluation. The e-content in four core courses of teacher education programme in Punjabi, Hindi and English languages are also being developed. The Centre organizes national level workshops on curriculum design & development, development of e- content and action research. Owing to the dire need of professional development of the teachers, the centre provides them training through faculty induction programme for freshly inducted faculty of the colleges and universities.


Objectives of CCRPED

  1. The Centre will focus on strengthening capacities for circular analysis, review, evaluation, design and development at all levels of education system.
  2. It will reflect on fundamental and practical issues of research in education.
  3. Research on policy implementation assessment and prospects in education.
  4. Educational development through master and doctorate programmes in educational studies
  5. Development of e- content in Education in Punjabi and English