Department of Education

Recognizing the need of providing quality education to the students of the backward region, the Centre for Education was established in 2013 with a mission to enable young aspirants to meet the needs and demands of present technological and scientific era. The centre endeavours to achieve excellence by facilitating quality based education and research for students and enabling them to acquire the skills that are required in the present period of globalization. It aims to provide a deep insight of life skills to address the global needs of the 21st century. The centre is committed to provide innovative methods of teaching and research. The centre is in the process of expansion with more teaching and research programmes coming up in the future. Department of Education was established in 2013.


  1. To prepare teacher educators with diversified knowledge in the field of education
  2. To produce professionally groomed teachers with high teaching potential.
  3. To develop aptitude for research to be able to solve educational and behavioral problems
  4. To make the students adaptable globally in academic and vocational environment