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Externally funded Research Projects in University

Title of Project

PI and Co-PI-if any


Amount sanctioned

Funding Agency

Alien Invasive Species, J.C. Bose Fellowship Prof. R. K. Kohli 2012-17 68 Lakhs DST
Genotoxicity detection in drinking water from Malwa region, Punjab Dr. Felix Bast 2012-14 6 Lakhs UGC-BSR
Chemical and phylogenetic diversity of seaweeds in Indian sub-continent Dr. Felix Bast 2012-15 35 Lakhs DST
Phylogenetic selection of target taxa for anti- proliferative and anti-metastatic marine natural products from sea weeds of Indian coast. Dr. Felix Bast (PI), Dr. Vikas Jaitak (Co-PI) 2014-17 40 Lakhs Ministry of Earth Sciences
Investigating the mechanism associated with temperature stress tolerance imposed by non-lethal stress conditions; Understanding metabolic relationship between cold and draught x heat stress in chickpea (Cicerarietinum L.) Dr. Sanjeev Kumar 2012-14 6 Lakhs UGC-BSR
APEI/Ref-I's dual functions countering beta amyloid induced genotoxicity Dr. Anil K. Mantha 2011-14 54 Lakhs Alzheimer’s Association, USA
Mitochondrial oxidative stress DNA-repair in Alzheimer’s disease: AP-endonuclease (APE1/Ref1) as a potential therapeutic target Dr. Anil K. Mantha (PI), Dr. Monisha Dhiman (Co-PI) 2014-17 46.6 Lakhs DST
Apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease (APEI) as an anti-cancer therapeutic agent for Glioblastoma therapy Dr. Anil K. Mantha 2013-15 6 Lakhs UGC-BSR
Analyses of genetic variations and structure of Rhododendron, a rare and endangered tree species in Western Himalayas Dr. Pankaj Bhardwaj 2013-16 16 Lakhs DST
Development and characterization of SSR markers providing genome wide coverage and high resolution in Rhododendron arboretum Dr. Pankaj Bhardwaj 2013-15 6 Lakhs UGC-BSR
Design, Synthesis and Biological Screening of Novel Dr. Raj Kumar 2012-15 27 Lakhs DST
Design, Synthesis and Biological Screening of Novel Heterocycles as Inhibitors of Dual Tyrosine Kinase(s) and Histone Deacetylase as Potential Anticancer agents. Dr. Raj Kumar 2014-16 12.59 Lakhs UGC
Synthesis of Bioactive Heterocyclic Scaffolds Using Novel Green Technologies. Dr. Vinod  Kumar 2013-15 6 Lakhs UGC
Synthesis of Rebaudioside-A: Natural Substitute for sugar from Stevia Rebaudiana (Bertoni). Dr. Vikas Jaitak 2013-16

25.50 Lakhs

Chemical investigation, Ant diabetic and anticancer study of Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) through Invitro and insilico approach. Dr. Vikas Jaitak 2014-16

6 Lakhs


Ionic Conduction and Stability Improvement in Polymer Clay Nanocomposites for Device Applications Dr. A. L. Sharma 2013-15 6 Lakhs UGC Startup Grant
Synthesis and Study of Structural, Magnetic, Dielectric and Transport Properties of Doped Nanodimensional BiMnO3 Perovskite Manganites Dr. Kamlesh Yadav 2013-15 6 Lakhs UGC Startup Grant
Dielectric and electro-optical studies of metal oxide nanoparticles doped ferroelectric liquid crystal and their applications Dr. Jai Prakash 2013-15 6 Lakhs UGC Startup Grant
Exploration of electro-optical properties of nano-materials doped ferroelectric liquid crystals and their applications Dr. Jai Prakash 2012-17 35 Lakhs DST
To develop a support vector machine tool for identification of unique protein-protein interaction sites with lowest cross reactivity potential Dr. Mahesh Kulharia 2012-15 6.73 Lakhs UGC
Genotoxicity of the pesticides used in Bathinda region Dr Sandeep 2013-15 6 Lakhs UGC Startup Grant
Cardio-toxicity of the chemotherapeutic drugs Dr. Monisha Dhiman 2013-16 22 Lakhs DST
Isolation, 3-D structural characterization and functional analysis of lectins from microbial sources. Dr. D. D. Singh 2014-17 21.798 Lakhs DBT
Functional evaluation of presence of miRNAs inside the mitochondria of breast cancer cell lines. Dr Sandeep Singh 2014-17 42 Lakhs DST
Bioherbicidal potential of immobilized (encapsulated/entrapped) formulations of essential oil from leaves of plant Callistemon viminalis Dr. Sunil Mittal 2012-15 29.69 Lakhs DST Fast Track
Effect of arsenic toxicity and its accumulation potential in Oryza sativa L. varieties grown in Malwa region of Punjab Dr. Sunil Mittal 2012-14 6 Lakhs UGC Start-up Grant
Fluorimetric estimation of uranium and its source apportionment in groundwater of Bathinda district in Punjab’ Dr. Yogalakshmi K. N. 2012-14 6 Lakhs UGC Start-up Grant
Assessment of Chlorpyriphos in Non- Bt Cotton Soil of Talwandi Sabo, Bathinda and the effect of Amendments and Organic matter on Chlorpyriphos degradation. Dr. Dhanya M. S. 2012-14 6.0 Lakhs UGC Start-up Grant
Assessment of Organochlorine pesticide residues in groundwater and soil of Bathinda district, Punjab Dr. Puneeta Pandey 2015-17 6.0 Lakhs UGC Start-up Grant
Synthesis and Evaluation of Callixarene capped Quantum dots for sensing of organic analytes Dr. Nagendra Babu 2012-15 24.6 Lakhs DST Fast Track
Amelioration of the severity of β thalassemia by modifier genes. Dr. Anjana Munshi 2013-16 36.80 Lakhs DBT
Genetic investigations among Indian children with Silver Russell Syndrome (SRS) Dr. Preeti Khetarpal 2014-16 6.0 Lakhs UGC Startup Grant
Theoretical Study of the Molecular Mechanism(s) of Arsenic Toxicity Dr. Kousik Giri 2015-18 25.0 Lakhs DST
Arsenate and Arsenite Reaction Kinetics with Ferric Hydroxides Using Quantum Chemical Calculations Dr. Kousik Giri 2015-17 6.0 Lakhs


Startup Grant
Socio-economic externalities of Guru Nanak Dev thermal power plant in Bathinda. Dr. Sandeep Kaur 2013-15 4.85 Lakhs ICSSR
Assessment of Urban Environment Quality of Bathinda: A Socio-Geographical Perspective. Dr. Kiran K. Singh 2013-15 4.0 Lakhs ICSSR
Role of SAARC: Geostrategic and Geo-economic Perspective Dr. Bawa Singh and Dr. Sandeep Kaur 2014-16 7.0 Lakhs ICSSR
Research Methodology course for Ph.D. students Prof. S. K. Bawa and  Dr. Shireesh Pal Singh 2015-16 5.50 Lakhs ICSSR
National Seminar on Education for sustainable development Dr. Jubilee Padmanabhan
and Dr. Shireesh Pal Singh
2015-16 2.0 Lakhs ICSSR
Direct C-H bond functionalization of heteroarenes via dehydrative and dehydrogenative coupling strategies. Dr. Rakesh Kumar (PI) 2014-17 22 Lakhs DST
Synthesis and characterization of polyhydrido Cu and Ag nanoclusters and their application Dr. Rajendra Singh Dhayal (PI) 2015-18 35 Lakhs DST
Elucidation of the role of digestive proteases during Plasmodium transmission in Indian malarial vector, Anopheles stephensi Dr. R. Krishna Chaitanya 2014-17

20 Lakhs

(to be transferred to CUPB)
Tracing Evolutionary Heritage of Indian Languages Using Computational Phylogenetics. Dr. Felix Bast and Dr. Zameerpal Kaur 2015-17 7 Lakhs ICSSR
Transcriptomic investigation of active gene networks in hyper-accumulator plant species in response to heavy metal toxicity Dr. Pankaj Bhardwaj (PI) and Dr. Sanjeev  Kumar (Co-PI) 2015-18 20 Lakhs CSIR
Insilico Screening of all functional genes in the human genome for the detection of deleterious SNPs for association studies. Dr. Anjana Munshi 2015-17 33 Lakhs ICMR
A Comprehensive Study towards Identification, Characterization, Scaffold based synthesis and Anticancer Screening of Novel, Promising Furanopyranones and Pyrans from the Medicinal Plant Orthosiphon diffuses. Dr. Harish Holla (PI) and Dr. Sandeep Singh (Co-PI) 2013-16 37 Lakhs DST
miRNA profiling for cancers (under transfer to Central University of Punjab) Dr. Aklank Jain 2012-17 83 Lakhs DST
Identification of Potential circulatory miRNA as novel biomarkers for lung cancer (under transfer to Central University of Punjab) Dr. Aklank Jain 2015-18

32.7 Lakhs

Elucidating the role of miRNAs in Head and Neck Cancer Dr. Aklank Jain 2015-18 24.96 Lakhs DBT
Role of integrin binding protein kindlin in colon cancer progression Dr. Somesh Baranwal 2015-20 82 Lakhs Ministry of Science and Technology
Carcinogenic DNA lesions due to ochratoxin A and aristolochic acid: structure, mutagenicity and repair Dr. Purshotam Sharma 2015-20 35 Lakhs DST-Inspire
Targeting Mycobacterium marinummel2 locus With drug like compounds: its implications for in vitro host cell interaction Dr. Mahesh Kulharia 2012-15 42.15 Lakhs DBT
Spatial distribution of Uranium and associated water quality parameters in groundwater/ drinking water resources of five districts of Punjab (Fazilka, Muktsar, Mohali, Sangrur and Patiala) Dr. Yogalakshmi K N 2014-16 24.49 Lakhs BRNS
Spatial Distribution of Uranium and associated water quality Parameters in Groundwater/ Drinking Water of five Districts (Fatehgarh Sahib, Ludhiana, Barnala, Nawanshar, Rupnagar of Punjab and Hanumangarh in Rajasthan Dr. Sunil Mittal (PI) and Dr. J. Nagendra Babu (Co-PI) 2014-16 24.49 Lakhs BRNS
Mobilization and redistribution of elements during different stages of chemical weathering of Rajmahal Basalt in Pakur district of Jharkhand” Dr Jitendra K. Pattanaik 2015-18


Ecocriticism and Modern Punjabi Poetry Dr. Zameerpal Kaur 2013-15 7.92 Lakhs UGC-Major Research Project

Grammatical Structure of Bagri Dialect

Dr. Rajinder Kumar 2013-15

8.91 Lakhs

UGC-Major Research Project
Taboo issues in Contemporary Indian Cinema and Theatre and their treatment with special Focus on the Theories of Subjectivity Dr. Alpna Saini 2013-14 1.25 Lakhs

UGC-Minor Research Project

The Sculptural Art of Eastern India and its Influence on Sculptural Art of Arakan Dr. Vinay Kumar Rao 2015-18 10.18 Lakhs UGC

Constraints in Educational Empowerment of rural Women: A survey of Malwa Region in Punjab

Dr. Satvinderpal Kaur 2014-16 22.45 Lakhs UGC
Transcriptional Regulation of Formin Binding Protein 17 (FBP17) in Breast Cancer Dr. Harish Chander   Rs 33,10,000 DST-SERB
To study the effects of hydroxamic acid based HDAC inhibitors on the health span of Caenorhabditis elegans Dr. Neeraj Kumar   10 lakh UGC-FRPS
Role for Semaphorins and its Receptors in the Control of Sexual Brain Development and Adult Brain Plasticity Dr. Jyoti Parkash 2015-18 10 Lakhs UGC
Neural-glial-endothelial tripartite interactions: Unravel the basic cell-cell regulatory Mechanisms involved in the central control of reproduction Dr. Jyoti Parkash 2016-19

50 Lakhs

Elucidation of the role of digestive proteases during Plasmodium transmission in Indian malarial vector, Anopheles stephensi Dr. Chaitanya R.K. 2014-17 Rs. 16,53,802/- DST-SERB
Transcriptomic investigations of active gene networks in hyper-accumulator plant species in response to heavy metal toxicity Dr. Pankaj Bhardwaj 2015 - 18 16 Lakhs CSIR
Synthesis and characterization of polyhydrido Cu and Ag nanoclusters and their applications Dr. Rajendera Singh Dhayal 2016 -19 27.5 Lakh DST-SERB
The mechanism of reductive release of iron from serum transferrin Dr. Rajesh Kumar 2015-18

40 Lakhs

The Role of macromolecular crowding on structure, function, stability, and folding of serum transferrin Dr. Rajesh Kumar 2016-19 25 Lakhs DBT
Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies of the Effects of Synergistic and Nonsynergistic Anions on Blood Plasma Transferrin Dr. Rajesh Kumar 2015-18 52.6 Lakhs (to be transferred to CUPB) DST-EMR
Sugars and salts induced folding and stabilization of base-denatured horse cytochrome Dr. Rajesh Kumar  

18 Lakhs

(to be transferred to CUPB)