Vision, Mission & Logo

The Central University of Punjab envisions to:
  • Uplift and upgrade the standards of teaching, learning and research to global levels of excellence;
  • Create international benchmarks in research, patents and consultancy services;
  • Strategize to become a global epicenter of knowledge, culture, skills and technologies;
  • Develop a scientific temper and a performance culture of pro-active decision-making;
  • Act as a catalyst of change by setting high water-marks in infrastructural growth, in academic and co-academic excellence, in learning and evaluation, in social interfacing with the stake-holders, in human resource development, in safety and security systems, in process management, and in seamless integration with the surrounding communities;
  • Cross-pollinate with new ideas, new technologies, new platforms and new world-views;
  • Continue expanding and exploring, locally, nationally and globally
Our Mission is to:
  • Offer a wide range of instructional and research facilities across integrated and cross-disciplinary studies;
  • Promote innovation in teaching, learning, evaluation, research and consultancy services;
  • Create an ignited workforce responsive to regional, national and global needs in tune with the requirements of academics, industry, business and administration ;
  • Participate in the problems and concerns of the surrounding community and the civil society

About our new Logo

The Feathers -  Depict pages of books representing social and other streams.

Centre Flask – Depicts pure and applied sciences.

Two Leaves - Depict life sciences.

Circle on the top - Depicts engineering sciences.

Symbol in Circle- It indicates nuclear and other sciences. 

Peacock Formation – It represents integration of all the faculties and diverse educational fields.

Green Colour - Hints at concern for environment and ecology.