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Department of Hindi

The Department of Hindi aims at providing teaching and research facilities in Hindi, keeping in view the changing social norms, communication patterns, different social roles of language in our society and fast-changing social values in our time. While drawing up the syllabus, sufficient care has been taken to cater to the above needs. It has been kept flexible enough to incorporate various requirements of the students in the context of contemporary society.  Special attention is also given to the regional and comprehensive studies of language and literature.

The Department of Hindi independently instituted in the academic year 2018-19 but MA in Hindi course was started in 2016. The PhD. program started in December 2017 under the department of Languages ​​and Comparative Literature. In June 2018, the university has decided to establish the department of Hindi independently and transferred of Dr Rajinder Kumar Sen, Assistant Professor with running courses to the new department of Hindi as an In-Charge of this department. Given enhancing the academic programmes, the department embarked on the PG and Research Programmes (M.A. & PhD) during the academic year 2018-19. The programmes of study have been designed in conformity with the requirements for the employment spread over in various academic and industry-oriented pursuits. The courses offered for Post Graduate Programme (M.A. Hindi Language and Literature) covers the areas such as Hindi language, literature, linguistics, poetics, functional Hindi, translation, journalism, content writing and comparative literature. The PG Programme comprises of many different courses covering the above areas. The courses are supported by special lectures/talks of the eminent academicians/scholars/writers.
It is the only university in the country, wherein Junior Fellowship Holders have been enrolled for the PhD Programme. To ascertain the quality research work, the research scholars have to undergo course work for one semester compulsorily. The course work comprises of four courses i.e. Research Methodology, Various Views and Approaches to Criticism, Modern Literature and Philosophy, Broad Area of Research. At the beginning of the research, the course, Broad Area of Research sets up the carrying into action for thesis and puts down the thinking of long drawn out research.
The department has been a trendsetter for impelling the additional language teaching-learning for the integrated programmes. These courses demonstrate the uniqueness of the department. The Additional Language offered by the department has four courses, each having three credits. These courses are purely optional with the following patterns:
Hindi Language Learning (02 Credits)
These courses are offered for the beginners, who have never studied the Hindi Language at any level of their education, especially for students of foreign countries and southern states of India. Modern Hindi Literature, Functional Hindi and Translation. These courses are offered for those students who have studied Hindi either in secondary school level or higher secondary level or qualified in Basic Hindi Courses.

Second Language Teaching is a conventional and quiet common phenomenon at the level of graduation. The universities that offer graduation programmes do pursue language course as an option. Therefore, the students have the option to choose any one language to study for two years for their academic benefits. During the freedom movement, the Hindi language was one of the most connecting languages that could reach the largest population of India and given a spark of freedom in the hearts of people. After Independence, the Hindi Language has become more popular. It has become a link language for communication among people of different states in India. Swiftly it has turned as a language of media, journalism and market. In such a scenario, the students of the Punjab state get an opportunity to learn the language and it is beneficial for them for communication.


  1. Dr. Rajinder Kumar, Associate Professor & HoD
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  2. Dr Kulbhushan Sharma, Assistant Professor
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  3. Dr Deepak Kumar Pandey, Assistant Professor
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  4. Dr. Abhishek Kumar Pandey (Guest Faculty)

Academic Programmes Offered

  • 2020-22
    • M.A Hindi
    • Ph.D Hindi
  • 2019-21
    • M.A Hindi
    • Ph.D Hindi


Main Thrust area of the department:

  1. Bhakti  Literature/ Bhakti Movement
  2. Comparative Studies
  3. The sociological approach to Literature
  4. Various aspects of Modern Literature
  5. Dalit and Tribal Literature
  6. Functional Hindi and Translation
  7. Literature – Cinema mass media and cultural studies
  8. Women and Gender discourse

In future department has planned some carrier oriented courses and diploma for students.