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Department of Sociology

The Centre for Sociology was established in the year 2015 with an objective to conduct teaching and research in interdisciplinary areas from a sociological perspective. The core thematic concern of the Centre includes local, national and global problems. Extending these issues the thrust will be on social structure and social stratification, rural and urban sociology, agrarian relationships, migration and diaspora studies, social change in the context of development and modernisation, problems of the marginalized social groups such as the scheduled castes, the scheduled tribes, minorities and social movements. The centre also aims to excel in the emerging areas of studies like human rights, social justice, gender studies, social exclusion, and sociology of Muslim communities. The Centre will emphasize on training students in social science methodology and in the techniques of social research, both qualitative and quantitative.
The centre also provides consultancy services on demand in areas of social survey, community development, social intervention and policy framing.


  1. Dr. Vinod Arya, Assistant Professor
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  2. Dr. Sumedha Dutta, Assistant Professor
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  3. Aditya Ranjan Kapoor, Assistant Professor, HoD (O)
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Academic Programmes Offered

  • 2020-22
    • M.A. Sociology
    • Ph.D Sociology
  • 2019-21
    • M.A. Sociology
    • Ph.D Sociology


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Research Highlights:

The faculty of the centre have interest areas in Human Rights, Sociology of Muslim Communities, Social Change, and Social Exclusion, Political Sociology, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Development and Sociological Theory.

Library Facilities:

The Central library of the University consists of large number of quality books published from national and international press. Apart from that the library also subscribes to important online journals.