Faculty Profile

Dr. Prashant S. Alegaonkar
Associate Professor and Head
Department of Physics
School of Basic and Applied Sciences
Central University of Punjab
Bathinda- 151001
Email Id: prashant.alegaonkar@cup.edu.in, hod.phy@cup.edu.in,
Mobile: +91-9766483726, +91-8830411140

Education :
Degree Subject University/Institution Year
Ph.D. Physics Department of Physics, University of Pune 2004
M.Sc. Nuclear Techniques          Department of Physics, University of Pune 1998
B.Sc. Physics University of Pune 1996
UGC - SET Physics National Level Eligibility Test for Assistant Professor 2000
Work Experience:
S.No. Position Organisation Period
1. Head, Department of Physics,
School of Basic and Applied Sciences
Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, Punjab 2020 (Mar.)–Current
2. Associate Professor,
Department of Physical Sciences,
Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, Punjab 2020 (Feb.)–Current
3. Assistant Professor Department of Applied Physics, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT), Ministry of Defence, Pune, Maharashtra 2010-2020
4. Head, Materials Management Group Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT), Ministry of Defence, Pune, Maharashtra 2010-2013
5. Lecturer in Physics Department of Applied Sciences, College of Engineering Pune (CoEP), Pune, Maharashtra 2008–2010
6. Research Asst. Prof. (BRAIN–KOREA 21)   School of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering, Sungkyunkwan  University, Korea. 01 Sept. 2006–31 Dec. 2007
7. Postdoctoral researcher 01 Apr.  2005–31 Aug. 2006
8. DAAD–Fellow   Hahn–Meitner–Institute, Berlin, Germany 1st Jun.– 30th Nov. 2002
Teaching experience:
Title of course taught Postgraduate/ Undergraduate Primary Instructor/Shared
PG@Central University (2020- onwards)
Statistical Mechanics [PHY 551] S.Y. M. Sc. Primary Instructor 04
Intro. to Nanotech. [PHY 527] F. Y. M. Sc. Shared Instructor 04
Quant., Atom. & Mol. Phys. [PHY 523] F. Y. M. Sc. Shared Instructor 04
PG@Defence Institute (2010-2020)
Flight Instrumentation [AE 617] S. Y. M. Tech. Primary Instructor 03
Sens., Trans., and Actut. [AP606] F. Y. M. Tech. Primary Instructor 04
Non-linear optics [AP641] S. Y. M. Tech. Primary Instructor 04
Prin. of Sens. Mat. Sc. & Phys. [AP 601] F. Y. M. Tech. Primary Instructor 04
Fire Engg. & Int. Safety [FE504]

F. Y. (PG DIP.)

Shared Instructor 04
Sensors and Actuator [AP606] F. Y. M. Tech. Primary Instructor 04
Int. Opt. & Sil. Photonics [AP 634] F. Y. M. Tech. Shared Instructor 04
Phys. Of Transduction [AP 601] F. Y. M. Tech. Primary Instructor 04
Electromagnetic [AP 605] F. Y. M. Tech. Primary Instructor 04
Applications of Sensor–II  [AP 609] F. Y. M. Tech. Primary Instructor 03
Applications of Sensor–I [AP 602] F. Y. M. Tech. Primary Instructor 03
Conducting Materials [Non. Tech.] TSOC-23 Air Force Shared Instructor 01/day
Laser and Electrooptics (Term-I) TTC-40 Shared Instructor 03-04
Advanced Optics [AP 606] F. Y. M. Tech. Primary Instructor 03
Applied Optics [AP 601] F. Y. M. Tech. Primary Instructor 03
Customized courses taught to industries
Missile Technology Bharat Dynamics Ltd. Hydrabad Shared Instructor 06
Missile Technology BrahMos Aerospace Ltd., Delhi Shared Instructor 06
UG@CoEP (2008-2010)
Applied Sciences-II F. Y. B. Tech. Primary Instructor 06 Prac.
Applied Sciences-I F. Y. B. Tech. Primary Instructor 06 Prac.
Citations of Research Publications (as on Jun 2020):
Total No. of papers       135+ (One thirty five plus)
Referred International Journals 91 (Ninety one)
Book editor 01 (One)
Book Chapters 06 (Six)
Conference Proceedings (Intl. / Nat.) 50 (Fifty)
Patent  01(One)
Google h-index 20+ (Twenty plus)
Google Citations 1750+ (One thousand seven hundred fifty plus)
Gross Impact Factor 245+ (Two forty five plus) 
Professional Recognition/Honors/Awards/Scholarships:
  • National Science Day Oration Award 2020 by Defence R&D Organization (DRDO), Ministry of Defence, New Delhi, 28 Feb 2020 citating work on: Shockwave interaction with graphene.
  • INDIA Top Cited Author Award – 2019; as an author of one of the top 1% most-cited papers in materials published over the period of 2016–2018, by IOP Publishing House.
  • SCIENCE DIRECT 2005, Among 25 Top Citated (#11) articles by Elsevier.
  • Dr. R.K. BHALLA, Best Research Student Award of the Department of Physics, University of Pune, Pune, for the year 2002.
  • Dr. B.K. RAI, Best Research Paper Prize to one Research Paper in the Raman Memorial National Conference (2001).
  • Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi, India.
    • Senior research fellow (extended) : Apr. 2005– (resg.).
    • Senior research fellow                   : Jul. 2002–Mar. 2005.
  • Indian Space Research Organization, Dept. of Space, Bangalore, India. 
    • Junior research fellow                    : May 2000–Jun. 2002.
  • Inter–Univ.–Consortium for Dept. of Atomic Energy facilities, Indore, India.
    • Project assistant                            : Jun. 1999–30 Apr. 2000.
  • Best Under Graduate Student Award for the year 1995, at the hands of Shri. Ajit Pawar (currently, Dy. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Govt. of Maharashtra) Ordinance Factory Co-op Union Society, Dehuroad at OFD.
Peer Recognition :

Reviewer member of Journals: American Chemical Society; Institute of Physics; American Institute of Physics, and Elsevier.

Research Grants :
Type Sponsoring Agency Duration / Amount Status
Project ER-IPER, DRDO, New Delhi 05 / Rs. 4300.00 Lakhs Completed
Project DSIR, Min. Science and Technology, New Delhi 05 / Rs. 1500.00 Lakhs Under review
Consultancy M/s Aquajungle (India) Pvt. Ltd, Pune, MS, India 00 / Rs. 100.00 Ongoing
Publications (91 as on June 30, 2020):
  1. Tellurium-reduced graphene oxide two-dimensional (2D) architecture for efficient photo-catalytic effluent: Solution for industrial water waste
    A P Alegaonkar, S K Pardeshi, P S Alegaonkar
    Diamond and Related Materials, 107994, 2020
  2. Propellant combustion wave studies by embedded thermocouple and imaging method at ambient pressure
    Rakesh Kumar Kalal, Himanshu Shekhar, Prashant Sudhir Alegaonkar, Shrikant Pande
    J. Aerosp. Technol. Manag., São José dos Campos, 12, 1720, 2020. [Impact factor: 3.334]
  3. Electrochemical performance of a self-assembled two-dimensional heterostructure of rGO/MoS 2/h-BN
    A. P. Alegaonkar, P. S. Alegaonkar, S. K. Pardeshi
    Nanoscale Advances 2 (4), 1531-1541, 2020. [Impact factor: yet to come]
  4. Thermo-physical properties and combustion wave aspects of RDX contain low aluminium composite propellant
    Rakesh Kumar Kalal, Suresh Kumar Jangid, Himanshu Shekhar, Prashant S Alegaonkar,
    Combustion and Flame, 218, 06, 12-17, 2020. [Impact factor: 4.816]
  5. X-band microwave comparison study in SrAl4Fe8O19 –RGO in Poly (Vinylidene)
    Fluoride (PVDF) matrix
    S. Acharya, P. S. Alegaonkar and S. Datar
    Chemical Engineering Journal (ISSN: 1385-8947), 374, 144-154, 2019 [Impact factor: 6.876]
  6. Comparative blast pressure attenuation study of rubber foam in blast wave generator
    and field test
    I. S. Sandhu, M. B. Kala, M. Thangadurai, M. Singh, M., P. S. Alegaonkar,
    D. R. Saroha
    J. of Comb., Expl., and Shock Waves (communicated) [Impact factor: 1.260]
  7. Synthesis and characterization of graphene-like nano Ribbons (GNR) using
    Chemical Vapor Deposition for shock absorbent application.
    S. Chinke, R. Gawade, P. Alegaonkar
    AIP Proceedings (just accepted) [Impact factor: 0.560]
  8. Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene-Like Nano Flakes (GNF) using Chemical
    Vapor Deposition.
    S. Chinke, R. Gawade, P. Alegaonkar,
    AIP Proceedings (just accepted) [Impact factor: 0.560]
  9. Effect of Rocket propulsion exhaust on thermo-physical properties of graphite nozzle.
    R. Kalal, B. Ropia, S. Chinke, H. Shekhar,P. Alegaonkar,
    AIP Proceedings (ISSN: 1551-7616), 2115 (1), 030441, 2019  [Impact factor: 0.560]
  10. Graphene Like Nano Carbon (GNC): Synthesis, Characterizations and Shock
    Absorption Application.
    Shamal Chinke,  Rohini Gawade, P. S. Alegaonkar,
    Materials Today Proceedings (just accepted) [Impact factor: 0.870]
  11. SrAl4Fe8O19 Hexaferriteand Reduced Graphene Oxide: For Microwave Absorption
    S. Acharya, P. S. Alegaonkar and S. Datar
    AIP conference proceedings (just accepted). [Impact factor: 0.560]
  12. Studies on Heat Flux Imparted on Thermal Insulation Inside Rocket Motor
    Containing Double Base Propellant
    R.K. Kalal, H. Sekhar, P. S. Alegaonkar
    J. Aerosp. Technol. Manag., 11  São José dos Campos  2019  Epub, 2019
    [Impact factor: 0.801]
  13. Experimental Study of Blast Wave Mitigation in Open Cell Foams
    I. S. Sandhu, M. B. Kala, M. Thangadurai, M. Singh, M., P. S. Alegaonkar,
    D. R. Saroha
    Materials Today: Proceedings, 5: 28170–28179, 2018. [Impact factor: 0.870]
  14. Experimental and theoretical study of tetrakis (dimethylamino) ethylene induced magnetism in otherwise nonmagnetic graphene derivatives
    Ashwini P Alegaonkar, Aniruddha S Kibey, Prashant S Alegaonkar,
    Anjali Kshirsagar, Satish K Pardeshi
    Materials Chemistry and Physics (ISSN: 0254-0584), 222, 132-138, 2018. [Impact factor: 2.210]
  15. Mitigation of Blast Induced Acceleration using open cell natural rubber and Synthetic Foam
    D.R. Saroha, Inderpal Singh Sandhu, Murugan Thangadurai, Prashant S. Alegaonkar
    Defence Science Journal, 69, 1, 53-57, 2018. [Impact factor: 0.580]
  16. High performance tellurium-reduced graphene oxide pseudocapacitor electrodes
    Ashwini P Alegaonkar, Manjiri A Mahadadalkar, Prashant S Alegaonkar,
    Bharat B Kale, Satish K Pardeshi
    Electrochimica Acta, 291, 225-233, 2018. [Impact factor: 5.510]
  17. Graphene-Like Nanoflakes for Shock Absorption Applications
    Shamal L Chinke, Inderpal Singh Sandhu, DR Saroha, Prashant S Alegaonkar
    ACS Applied Nano Materials, 1, 11, 6027-6037, 2018. [Impact factor: yet to assign]
  18. Preparation and performance evaluation of Carbon-Nano-Sphere for electrode double
    layer capacitor
    Sushant Haladkar, Prashant Alegaonkar
    Applied Surface Science, 449, 500-506, 2018. [Impact factor: 4.220]
  19. Enhanced microwave absorption property of Reduced Graphene Oxide (RGO)–
    Strontiumhexa–Ferrite (SF)/Poly (Vinylidene) Fluoride (PVDF)
    Sanghamitra Acharya, C.S. Gopinath, Prashant Alegaonkar, Suwarna Datar
    Diamond and Related Materials, 89, 28-34, 2018.[Impact factor: 2.430]
  20. Electrical characteristics of etched ion-tracks in polyimide filled with silver
    Tejashree Bhave, P.S. Alegaonkar, V. N. Bhoraskar, K.A. Bogle, D.K. Avasthi,
    S. V. Bhoraskar
    Rad. Eff. and Def. in Sold., 173,7-8, 617-628, 2018 [Impact Factor: 0.526]
  21. Spin dynamics in graphene-like nanocarbon, graphene and their nitrogen adatom
    Ashwini P Alegaonkar, Satish K Pardeshi, Prashant S Alegaonkar
    Appl. Phys. A, 124, 7, 515-525, 2018. [Impact Factor: 1.694]
  22. Investigation of Disorder in Mixed Phase, sp2–sp3 Bonded Graphene-Like
    Sumati Patil, Sadhu Kolekar, Arvind Kumar, Prashant Alegaonkar, Suwarna Datar,
    CV Dharmadhikari
    J. Nano Sc. Technol, 18, 4, 2504-2512, 2018. [Impact factor: 1.484]
  23. Microwave absorption properties of reduced graphene oxide strontium
    hexaferrite/poly(methyl methacrylate) composites
    Sanghamitra Acharya, J Ray, TU Patro, Prashant Alegaonkar, Suwarna Datar
    Nanotechnology,  29, 11, 115605, 2018. [Impact factor: 3.404]
  24. Laponite-graphene oxide hybrid particulate filler enhances mechanical properties of
    cross-linked epoxy
    Devesh K. Chouhan, Arvind Kumar, Sangram K. Rath, Sanjay Kumar,
    Prasant S. Alegaonkar, G. Harikrishnan, T. Umasankar Patro
    J. Polym. Res., 25,02,60-65, 2018. [Impact factor: 1.134]
  25. Ferro-nano-carbon split ring resonators a bianisotropic metamaterial in X-band: Constitutive parameters analysis.
    Resham V Jagtap, Ashok D Ugale, Prashant S Alegaonkar
    Mat. Chem. Phys., 205, 366-375, 2018. [Impact factor: 2.210]
  26. Enhanced response and improved selectivity for toxic gases with functionalized CNT
    thin film resistors.
    Seema Gautam, Deepak Kumar, Prashant S Alegaonkar, Pika Jha, Neeraj Jain,
    Jaswant S Rawat
    Integrated Ferroelectrics, 186,1,65-70, 2018. [Impact factor: 2.210]
  27. Assessment of ecologically prepared carbon-nano-spheres for fabrication of flexible
    and durable supercell devices.
    Sushant A Haladkar, Mangesh A Desai, Shrikrishna D Sartale, Prashant S Alegaonkar
    J. Mat. Chem. A, 6, 16, 7246-7256, 2018. [Impact factor: 10.331]
  28. Microwave absorbing properties of MWCNT/carbon black-PU nano-composites.
    Krishna Chandra Tripathi, SM Abbas, RB Sharma, PS Alegaonkar
    IEEE Power, Control, Signals and Instrumentation Engineering, 17, 489-496, 2017
    [Impact factor: 2.243]
  29. Exploring molecular and spin interactions of Tellurium adatom in reduced graphene
    Ashwini Alegaonkar, Prashant Alegaonkar, Satish Pardeshi
    Materials Chemistry and Physics, 195, 82-87, 2017 [Impact factor: 2.210]
  30. The interactions between CdTe quantum dots and proteins: understanding nano-bio
    Shreeram S Joglekar, Harish M Gholap, Prashant S Alegaonkar, Anup A Kale
    AIMS Materials Science, 4, 1, 209-222, 2017 [Impact factor: 2.936]
  31. Effect of film thickness on gas sensing properties of sprayed WO3 thin films.
    Rhushikesh Godbole, VP Godbole, PS Alegaonkar, Sunita Bhagwat
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  32. Study of blast wave pressure modification through rubber foam,
    Inderpal Singh Sandhu, Ankush Sharma, Mritunjay Kumar Singh, Rajesh Kumari,
    Prashant S Alegaonkar, D. R. Saroha
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  33. Nano-carbon: preparation, assessment, and applications for NH3 gas sensor and electromagnetic interference shielding
    Ashok D Ugale, Resham V Jagtap, Dnyandeo Pawar, Suwarna Datar, Sangeeta N Kale, Prashant S Alegaonkar
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  34. Graphene-like nanocarbon: An effective nanofiller for improving the mechanical and thermal properties of polymer at low weight fractions
    Arvind Kumar, Devesh Kumar Chouhan, Prashant S Alegaonkar, T Umasankar Patro
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  35. Decoration of gold nanoparticles on thin multiwall carbon nanotubes and their use as a glucose sensor
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  40. Impressive transmission mode electromagnetic interference shielding parameters of graphene-like nanocarbon/polyurethane nanocomposites for short range tracking countermeasures
    Arvind Kumar, Prashant S Alegaonkar
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  41. Influence of fuel to oxidizer ratio on LPG sensing performance of MgFe2O4 nanoparticles,
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  44. Gold-graphene nanocomposite based ultrasensitive electrochemical glucose sensor
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  47. Corrigendum: Graphene nanoribbon–PVA composite as EMI shielding material in the X band (2013 Nanotechnology 24 455705)
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  54. Mixed phase, sp2–sp3 bonded, and disordered few layer graphene-like nanocarbon: Synthesis and characterizations
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* These papers have evolved from my doctoral thesis.

Book Chapters:
  1. Double layer capacitors
    Ashwini P. Alegaonkar, Satish K. Pardeshi, Prashant S. Alegaonkar
    Materials Research Foundations series or Materials Research Proceedings series (submitted)
  2. Polymers in Cosmetics.
    Rohini P. Gawade, Shamal C. Chinke, Prashant S. Alegaonkar
    Polymer Science and Innovative Applications, 17, 549-569, 2020
    DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-12-816808-0.00017-2, © 2020 Elsevier Inc.
  3. Self-healing aspects of graphene oxide / polymer nano-composites.
    Shamal L. Chinke, Prashant S. Alegaonkar
    Self-Healing Composite Materials: From Design to Applications
    Woodhead Publishing Series in Composites Science and Engineering
    2020, Pages 285-312
  4. Magneto chemistry and spin dynamics in graphene and graphene derivatives,
    Spintronics: a review and direction for research,
    Ashwini P. Alegaonkar, Prashant S. Alegaonkar, Satish K. Pardeshi
    Nova Science Publishers, 2019, ISBN: 978-1-53614-526-7
  5. Metal-Organic-Framework-Based Materials for Renewable Energy Applications.
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    Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 58, pp 140-176, 2019,
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644900437-7
  6. Nanocarbon preparation and evaluation for structural engineering, spintronics, gas sensing, EMI shielding, and cloaking in X-band
    Ashwini P Alegaonkar, Prashant S Alegaonkar
    Nanocarbon and Its Composites: Preparation, Properties and Applications, Woodhead Publishing, 171-287, 2018
  7. Nano-Carbon/Polymer Composites for Electromagnetic Shielding, Structural
    Mechanical and Field Emission Applications
    Ashwini P Alegaonkar, Prashant S Alegaonkar
    Thermoset Composites: Preparation, Properties and Applications, Materials Research
    Forum LLC, 38, 128, 2018.
Patent :
  1. Elektronische Nanobauelemente auf der Basis einer einzelnen Ionenspur.
    D.Fink, P.S. Alegaonkar, A.V. Petrov.
    Nr. 203 20 566.9 (25–11–2004), IPC B82B 1/00, Gebrauchsmusters.
    (Deutsch patent)
Conference Presentations (5 typical):
  1. Blast Mitigation Studies In Layered Materials In Blast Wave
    IPS Sandhu, D R Saroha, P S Alegaonkar
    Generator, Proc. of the 32nd International Symposium on Shock Waves (ISSW32), 2020, 134, 1949, doi:10.3850/978-981-11-2730-4_0069-cd. 04)
  2. Graphenelike nano-carbon based optical limiter for backscatter suppression in pulsed
    laser systems.
    S. N. Sudheendra, Arvind Kumar, P. S. Alegaonkar and V. N. Bhoraskar,
    Proceedings of Ist National Conference on Trends and Applications in Laser
    Technology and Optoelectronics (TALTO-1) (2019) 82-86.  
  3. Enhancement of mechanical properties of GNCs/epoxy nanocomposite
    Arvind Kumar and P. S. Alegaonkar 
    6th Banglore Nano 2017, Banglore (4-6 Dec 2016).
  4. Mechanical properties of epoxy/graphene-like nanocarbon sheets (GNCs) nanocomposites
    Arvind Kumar and Prashant Alegaonkar
    NTAFM 2013, CSIR-NCL Pune (24 - 25 July 2015).
  5. Electrical conductivity measurement of donor–doped disordered graphene in liquid medium
    Ashwini Alegaonkar, Arvind Kumar, Atul Kulkarni, Sathish Pardeshi,
    and Prashant Alegaonkar,
    International workshop on nanotechnology and advanced functional materials
    (NTAFM 2013), NCL Pune. (24-25 July, 2013).

Schools/workshop/conferences/faculty development programmes/skill development programmes/refresher course/continuous education programme attended 30+
Invited talks/webinars/ resource person/paper presentation in seminars/ conferences/ full paper in conference proceedings 25+
Ph.D./M.Tech./M.Sc. thesis supervision:

Sr. No.
Name of student /
research scholar
Title of Thesis Doctorate / Master's Year of completion Co-guide
(If any)
06 Shamal Chinke Graphene based nano-composites for defence applications Doctorate In progress Nil.
05 Shreeram Joglekar Premedical diagnosis of metabolic disorder using nanocomposite: point-of-care Doctorate Submitted Dr. Anup Kale
04 Rakesh Kumar Kalal Studies on thermo-physical properties of propulsion system components Doctorate Jun. 2020 Dr. Himanshu Sekher, HEMRL, Pune
03 Inderpal Singh Sandhu Design and establishment of test setups for blast evaluation and studies on blast mitigation in polyurethane-,rubber- foam and other media Doctorate Mar. 2020 Dr. D. R. Saroha, TBRL, CG
02 Krishna Chand Tripathy Modelling and performance evaluation of nanosized material for electromagnetic and microwave absorption Doctorate 2017 Nil
01 Arvind Kumar Design and development of chemical vapour deposition system and preparation and performance evaluation of graphene like nanocarbons Doctorate 2016 Nil
30 Keshav Mehera Installation and investigations on solar panel on marine vessel M. Tech. 2020 Dr. T. M. Bhave
29 Manish Kumar Gautam

Graphene based chargeable battery unit

M. Tech. 2020 Dr. T. M. Bhave
28 Solomon Behare Non-conventional velocity measurement method for small projectile M. Tech. 2019 Nil
27 Pramod Kamble Thermal stage for Raman spectrometer M. Tech. 2019 Nil
26 Sachin Sherawat

Reduced graphene oxide based supercapacitor

M. Tech. 2018 Nil
25 Rohini P. Gawade Multi-functional graphene-like nano-carbon : synthesis characterization and application M. Sc. 2018 Dr. Kailash Sapnar, Fergussion College, Pune
24 Varsha Karanjule Synthesis and characterization of nano-carbon by chemical vapour deposition M. Sc. 2018 Dr. Kailash Sapnar, Fergussion College, Pune
23 Manoranjan Gawali Eigen frequency analysis of cricket bat M. Sc. 2018 Dr. Kailash Sapnar, Fergussion College, Pune
22 Pratik Ramteke Simulation of meta material using comsol physics module. M. Sc. 2018 Dr. Kailash Sapnar, Fergussion College, Pune
21 Sonali Hapse Simulation studies of split ring resonators as a bi-anisotropic material for cloak like response  M. Sc. 2018 Prof. A. D. Shaligram, SPPU, Pune
20 Rinku Datkhile Raman spectroscopic studies of variable density graphite and simulation studies of phonon dispersion in graphene and graphite systems M. Sc. 2018 Prof. A. D. Shaligram, SPPU, Pune
19 Aniket Gonde Digital signal processing using matlab for damage feature extraction M. Sc. 2018 Dr. Kailash Sapnar, Fergussion College, Pune
18 Jitendra Bhagat

Identification of damage using lamb waves (by DSP technique)

M. Sc. 2018 Dr. Kailash Sapnar, Fergussion College, Pune
17 Rohit Kumar Development of interferometric optical filter M. Tech. 2017 Nil
16 Sushant Haladkar Preparation and performance evaluation of carbon nanospheres for ultra capacitor M. Tech. 2017 Nil
15 Devendra Barhate

Studies on: damage detection using lamb waves for structural health monitoring

M. Sc. 2017 Dr. Amishi Rindani Modren College, Pune
14 Pankaj Bhujbal Low cost dry bath incubator M. Sc. 2017 Dr. Kailash Sapnar, Fergussion College, Pune
13 Rahish K. M. Sayed Synthesis and characterization of nanocarbons and its evaluation for antibacterial activity M. Sc. 2017 Dr. Kailash Sapnar, Fergussion College, Pune
12 Sushil Sangale To design, build and test dry bath incubator for laboratory application M. Sc. 2017 Dr. Amishi Rindani Modren College, Pune
11 Preeti Nimbalkar To study the MQ6 gas sensor and development of LPG gas leakage detection and protection system for domestic application M. Sc. 2017 Dr. Kailash Sapnar, Fergussion College, Pune
10 Seema Gutam CNT based gas sensors and field emitters M. S. (Research) 2015 Dr. Neeraj Jain, SSPL, Delhi
09 Neha Pazre Design of orthogonally polarized diversity antenna for ultra wide band applications M. Tech. 2015 Dr. Raj Kumar
08 Ashok Charkha Denoising Bio-sensor signals using wavelets M. Tech. 2015 Dr. Raj Kumar
07 Sudhendra M N Generation of Mid IR tuneable Laser source using AGC OPO M. Tech. 2014 Dr. Raj Kumar
06 Aritra Roy Surface Plasmon resonance enhanced multicolour photoconduction using graphene M. Tech. 2014 Prof V N Bhoraksar
05 Vinod Rathore Electronic structure study of graphene, defected graphene and doped graphene using DFT M. Tech. 2014 Prof. A. L. Kshirsagar
04 V. Prasad Kumar Design and experimentation on single channel range finder and study of optical limiting media M. Tech. 2013 Dr. Raj Kumar
03 Ankita Khanolkar Study of diode pumped Er : Glass Laser with Q switched operation M. Tech. 2013 Nil
02 Milind Malegaonkar Development of Laser Range simulator using Fibre Optics M. Tech. 2013 Nil
01 B Sridhar DFT calculations on nitrogen functionalized Carbon Nanotubes M. Tech. 2010 Nil
Research Areas (brief description):

Dr. Alegaonkar has worked in the following research areas:

  1. (i) CVD based large area, gram scale graphene synthesis, and their integration for useful applications in defence sector, (ii) Principal Investigator for a large Government-sponsored research project obtained from ERIPR, DRDO, New Delhi, (iii) nano-carbon for electromagnetic interference shielding (EMI) blocks, (iv) bi-anisotropic meta materials, (v) graphene and graphene derivatives for spintronic, (vi) Raman spectroscopy including laboratory development.  
  2. (i) Thermal– and plasma enhanced–chemical vapor deposition systems to grow single wall carbon nanotubes, thin–multi wall carbon nanotubes, (ii) Used water–assisted chemical vapor deposition system to grow ultra long multi walled carbon nanotubes, (iii) commissioned 2.7 T magnetic chemical vapor deposition system., (iv) used high resolution electron microscope and related characterization techniques for the structural investigations of carbon nanotubes and carbon nano-structures.
  3. (i) Studied field emission characteristics and emission stability of multiwall carbon nanotube composites at low as well as ultra high vacuum conditions, (ii) degradation and emission stability of plasma conditioned multi wall carbon nanotube composites, (iii) electrical aging of nanotube composites.
  4. (i) Studied Radiation Assisted Diffusion of lithium in polystyrene, and of boron/fluorine/silver in polyimide using swift heavy ions, electrons and gamma rays.  (ii) Performed diffusion simulations on boron and lithium in polymers using DIFF and EVA computational codes, (iii) Tailored dielectric parameters of polyimide using 1–MeV electrons and Co-60 Gamma rays, (iv) Studied free volume evolution in polymers by 6–MeV electrons using Positron annihilation technique, (v) studied formation of nano-ion-tracks in polymers for device applications.
  5. Used (i) 7 MeV Pulsed Electron Accelerator (Race-track Microtron), Department of Phsyics, University of Pune, Pune, India, (ii) 14 MeV Neutron Generator, University of Pune, (iii) 14 UD Palletron, Inter-University Accelerator Center, New Delhi, (iv) 1 GeV Ion Spectrometry Laboratory, Hahn–Meitner–Institute, Berlin, Germany, (v) Neutron depth profiling technique to measure the depth distribution of boron and lithium in polymers (Hahn–Meitner–Institute), (vi) Indus–1 synchrotron radiation facility at CAT, Indore.

Schematics indicating Dr. Prashant S. Alegaonkar’s recent research contribution in application engineering of nano-carbons.