School of International Studies

Department of South and Central Asian Studies (Including Historical Studies)

The evolving connotation of South and Central Asian region as a ‘transformation driver’ has irresistibly driven not only the great powers to reconsider their strategic and economic priorities, but also a major realm of academia to review the previous drift of learning. Such a challenging task has been undertaken by CUPB in the form of a specialized Department of South and Central Asian Studies. The department being the founding pillar among the departments under School of International Studies is unique and innovative in its focus and is committed to cutting edge research. The department seeks to promote, conduct and disseminate interdisciplinary studies in the key areas of South and Central Asian history and Archaeology, Culture and society, polity, economy, geopolitics, and the environment. The historical and contemporary connections between the two regions alongside multiple forms of exchange among them always attract scholars to explore the region. With a firm emphasis on research based learning and knowledge creation, the department brings all aspects relating to the region under the academic purview. The department is in the process of expansion with the experienced four faculties having a commendable publication record and research experience. Over the years, the centre has received four research grants of 20 lakh rupees. The department is devoted to promoting and strengthening inter-regional and intra-regional ties among South and Central Asian region.


  1. Dr. Bawa Singh, Associate Professor & HOD
  2. Dr. Nishtha Kaushiki, Assistant Professor
  3. Dr. Sudheer Singh Verma, Assistant Professor
  4. Dr. Manabhanjan Meher, Assistant Professor

Academic Programmes Offered

  1. MA in Political Science
  2. South and Central Asian Studies
  3. Ph.D. in South and Central Asian Studies


 List of Ongoing Projects

  1. Singh, B. and Kaur, S. Role of SAARC: Geostrategic and Geo-economic Perspective, Funded by ICSSR, New Delhi (Rs. 7 Lac)(2014-16).
  2. Singh, B. Mapping of Maritime Security Concerns for South Asia: Contextualizing Indian Concerns and Strategy, funded by Research Seed Money Programme, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda (Rs. 1.5 Lac)(2014-16)
  3. Kaushiki, Nishtha. The Great Rebalancing and Emerging Triangular Dynamics of India, China, and Japan: An Analysis, funded by Research Seed Money Programme, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda (Rs. 1.5 Lac)(2014-16).
  4. Rao, Vinay Kumar. The Sculptural Art of Eastern India and its Influence on Sculptural Art of Arākān, Major Research Project funded by University Grant Commission, New Delhi, for duration of three years (Rs 10, 18000.00),(2015-18).

Departmental Research Supervision