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Department of Physics

About the Department


The Department of Physics has been established to produce young students with an orientation towards a career in Physics as well as research on cutting-edge topics, having direct relevance to current science and technologies. The main objective is to provide strong foundations to the students. Also, this Department is trying to create an environment of scientific excellence where every member will be given ample opportunities to excel in their fields. Teaching and research are complementary to each other in creating a healthy, vibrant and productive academic environment. At present, the Department has faculty members who are involved in high-quality research in thrust areas. This research activity will motivate the students who plan to make a career in physical sciences. The Department is striving to be recognized as a Centre of Excellence in education and research on national as well as international level. The Department aims to provide a beneficial impact on nearby educational communities by providing advanced education and research. 

The Department offers M. Sc. and Ph. D. program in Physics. The Master degree program has a balanced, semester and choice based credit course structure with flexible, seamless curricula which emphasize interdisciplinary nature of Science and promote exploration, innovation and research. The Department has been involved in a wide variety of areas in experimental and theoretical aspects such as design of electron and ion source, interactions of electron/ion with thin films, design of DC magnetron sputtering plasma, fabrication of MOS/MIS structure and its electrical properties. Also, proactively involved in development of 2D materials, energetic materials for utilization of efficient renewable/electric/magnetic energy storage devices, plasma physics, nanomaterials and composites and their applications. Furthermore, the study of plasma parameters, periodic, quasi periodic, chaotic behavior of plasma and intrinsic noise induced coherency in plasma. The broad area of theoretical research encompasses understanding of electronic, magnetic, transport, thermo-electric, optical and many dynamical properties in a range of low-dimensional quantum systems (2D materials, nanotube, quantum dot, topological insulators, spintronics, nano-junctions and etc) using quantum many-body theory, density functional theory (DFT) and/or molecular dynamics simulations (MD), numerical simulations to understand the evolution of our solar system.

Department maintains active collaborations with UCLA (USA), Brunel University (UK), University of Bath (UK), Upsala University (Sweden), Michigan Technological University (USA), Central University of Gujrat, Panjab University, University of Pune, H.P. University, NIT Surat, NIT Kurukshetra, JNCASR and  IUAC New Delhi



  1. Dr. Santosh Kumar Mahapatra, Professor
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  2. Dr. Prashant S. Alegaonkar, Associate Professor & HOD
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  3. Dr. Surender Kumar Sharma, Associate Professor
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  4. Dr. Achchhe Lal Sharma, Assistant Professor
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  5. Dr. Kamlesh Yadav, Assistant Professor
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  6. Dr. Ashok Kumar, Assistant Professor
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  7. Dr. Krishankanta Mondal, Assistant Professor
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  8. Dr. Chamkor Singh, Assistant Professor
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Academic Programmes

  • 2020-22
    • M.Sc. Physics
    • Ph.D Physics
  • 2019-21
    • M.Sc. Physics
    • Ph.D Physics


Research Thurst Area

  1. Accelerator and Plasma

  2. Theoretical and Computational Physics

  3. Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

  4. Energy 

  5. Applied Physics and Materials Engineering

  6. Nano and Bio-medical Physics

  7. Soft Condensed Matter



Department of  Physics Research facilities
S. No. Name of the Item Model Company Name

Price (lakhs) Approx.

1 Electrochemical Workstation CHI-760 CH instruments INC Austin USA 12.70
2 Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC-3500 M/S NETZSCH Germany 14.80
3 Microwave Synthesis System CEM-discover CEM CORP Mathews United states 18.00
4 Spray Pyrolysis Equipment HOTH-04 M/S Holmarl Opto Mechronics 5.45
5 Solar Simulator SS30AAA-EM M/s Photo Emission Tech inc, CA 20.25
6 Thermal Evaporation System STC-300

M/s Scientific & Analytical Instruments New Delhi

7 Glove Box M-Braun Lab star Pro-Eco RV12

M/s M Braun inert gas systems, China

8 Rutherford Scattering Setup LD-55956

M/s Didactic Systems India Pvt. Ltd. Kochi

9 High Voltage Power Supply- Project GP66 SL100PN1200/S/C

M/S Nexgen Electric & Cable Company, Kolkata

10 Microwave Source Unit Project GP66 GAI .25C20A03A2.AT

M/S Nexgen Electric & Cable Company, Kolkata

11 Vacuum System
Project GP66
Turbo VAC450i/ DN160CF

M/S Leybold India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

12 Dell Precision Tower Workstation Dell-7920

M/S Transtek infoways Pvt Ltd, New Delhi



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Placement of outgoing students during the last five years

Year Name of student placed   and contact details Program graduated from Name of the   employer with contact details Pay package at appointment
2016-17 Gaurav Yogesh

MSc, Physics

NIT, Jaipur PhD



MSc, Physics

Michigan State University PhD


Rishabh Kumar


M.Sc. Physics


Ph.D at IIT Rorkee


Kishori Lal




Ph.D. at IIT Kanpur



Asha Sheoran



State Govt , Jaipur Rajasthan



Sanjay Sharma



Ph.D IIT , Allahabad



Nirbhay Siggh




Ph.D , Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Central University



Mukesh Jakhar



Ph.D at CUPB



Anamika Kashyap



Ph.D at INST Mohali





Chandra Kumar


Ph.D at Central University Gujarat






Ph.D at Chille , USA



Sumandeep Kaur


MichiganTechnolog ical USA



Jaya Gupta

M.Sc. Physics

PRT, KVS, Orissa



Shubham Kumar


M.Sc. Physics


PRT, KVS, Lalitpur, UP


28000/- pm


Mohit Kumar Rathore



Assistant Teacher, UP Basic Education Department


40000/- pm




Hardeep Singh



Lecturer, Physics, state higher education institute,

30000/- pm



Vashu Kamboj

M.Sc Physics

IIT Roorkee M.Tech

On fellowship


M.Sc Physics

IIT Hedrabad Ph.D.

Mohit Madaan

M.Sc Physics

 IIT Roorkee Ph.D

Seshadev Barik

M.Sc Physics

VSSUT, Sambalpur Ph.D



M.Sc Physics

IIT Kanpur Ph.D

Babita Negi

M.Sc Physics

IIT Kharagpur M.Tech

Tavinder Singh

M.Sc Physics

IISER Brahmapur Ph.D

Ayan Roy

M.Sc Physics

Guru Ghasidas University , Bilaspur Ph.D

Manash Jyoti Mech

M.Sc Physics



M.Sc Physics

TERI Delhi M.Tech

Md Khalid Ansari

M.Sc Physics

IIT Rorkee Ph.D

Rajshree Parida

M.Sc Physics

IIT Guwahti Ph.D

Rachna Sain

M.Sc Physics


Manash Jyoti Mech

M.Sc Physics



On fellowship


M. Rudresh

M.Sc Physics

Baylor University Texas, USA

On fellowship



MSc Physics

Punjab Govt Science Mistress (TGT)

10300-34800 +3600GP

Student Corner

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S.No. Title of Project PI Duration Amount Sanctioned Funding Agency Remarks
1 UGC- START-up GRANT (Development of nanostructured Plastic Separator as Rechargeable Battery Component) Dr. A.L.Sharma 2015-2018 600000/- UGC Completed
2 UGC- START-up GRANT (Synthesis and Study of Structural, Magnetic, Dielectric and Transport Properties of Doped nanodimensional BiMnO3 Perovskite manganites) Dr. Kamlesh Yadav 2015-2018 600000/- UGC Completed
3 UGC- START-up GRANT First Principles Investigations of van der Waals Heterostructures of Two Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides     Dr. Ashok Kumar 2017-2020 600000/- UGC Completed
4 CUPB-BRNS- " Development of Solid State Mescpic Solar Cells (MSSCs)" Dr. S.K.Mahapatra 2015-2019 20,13018/- BRNS Completed
5 Diagnosis of plasma in ECR ion source - SERB Dr. S.K.Mahapatra 2015-2019 50,85649/- DST-SERB Completed
6 Effect of nitrogen on industrially important ZnO/Cu catalyst: structure, Interface and activity for Methanol production from CO2+H2 Dr. Krishnakanta Mondal 2019-2024 3500000/- DST-SERB On-going
7 Complex Flow Networks Dr. Chamkor Singh 2020-2025 3500000/- DST On-going
8 2-D materials: Design, Development and Assessment for electro-magnetic shielding and shock absorption applications Dr. Prashant S. Alegaonkar 2021-2023 300000/- RSM On-going
9 Iron oxide based vortex nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermia applications Dr. Surender Kumar Sharma 2021-2023 300000/- RSM On-going
10 Thin Film Deposition of Magnetic Oxides using Spray Pyrolysis Technique and their Characterization Dr. Kamlesh Yadav 2014-2016 300000/ RSM Completed


Central University of Punjab, Department of Physics

S. No. Name Batch Current Status
1 Geeta 2014-2016 Ph. D.  Michigan State University 2017, Nano Composite.
2 Chandra 2014-2016 Latin America, Chile, Solar cell applications joined in 2018
3 Rahul 2015-2017 Ph. D.  IIT Roorkee wef 2019
4 Rajashri 2015-2017 IIT Guwahati, Theoretical Physics, w.e.f. 2020
5 Ajay Kumar Yadav 2018-2020 Preparing for competitive exams
6 Komal Kanwar 2015-2017 Central University of Rajasthan, 2018, PhD.
7 Gaurav Yogesh 2013-2015 Ph.D. w e.f. 2016 NIT, Jaipur
8 Richa Jindal 2015-2017 Married and housewife
9 Mano Rudhresh 2018-2020 Delhi University, Cosmology, researcher
10 Dr. Anil Arya 2015-2019 Faculty(Temporary) NIT, Kurukshetra, Sept. 2019
11 Rishab Kumar 2015-2017 IIT Roorkee, Ph.D., Nuclear Physics wef 2018
12 Babita Negi 2017-2019 M.Tech. in Mat. Sc. and Engg., IIT KGP
13 Deep Thakur  2015-17  Preparation of Competitive exams
14 Kishori Lal 2015-2017 Ph.D. IIT Kanpur spintronics
15 Mohit Madaan 2017-2019 Ph.D. IIT Roorkee, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
16 Sanjay Sharma 2015-2017 Ph.D. IIITDM Allahabad Theoretical and Experimental Physics
17 Rachana S 2016-2018 Ph.D. IIT BHU in Material Science and Engg.

Academic Calender

Academic & Administrative Committee (AAC)  

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