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Department of Applied Agriculture

Department of Applied Agriculture is established in 2016 under the School of Basic and Applied Sciences. The aim of the department is to undertake teaching and research in diverse applied areas of agriculture and allied sectors. The Department has identified agri-business and food science and technology as the two areas which aim at educating, training and providing self employment opportunities to the young minds besides offering the scope for various opportunities in corporate sector and academia. Specifically, M.Sc Food Science and Technology programme lays emphasis on quality education and training activities to meet growing demand of food processing industries in addition to pioneering the development of innovative technologies for conservation and processing of raw material with value addition. Huge opportunities in Agribusiness are also attracting investments in primary production as well as on the output side in food processing and distribution. Opportunities for future growth potential in agribusiness industry are mainly fuelled by sustained economic growth, rising per capita income, urbanization and globalization, integration of the global food value chain,  improvement in infrastructure for storage and transportation. MBA (Agri-business) programme is designed to prepare students for careers in management related to food & agribusiness and allied sectors in varying international environment.


  1. Dr. Khetan Shevkane, Assistant Professor
  2. Dr. Yashi Srivastava, Assistant Professor
  3. Dr. Chidanand Patil, Assistant Professor
  4. Dr. Surjeet Singh Dhaka, Assistant Professor

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