Student Counselling Cell


1. Prof. S.K. Bawa, Professor Chairperson

2. Dr. Anjana Munshi, Associate Professor

3. Dr. Tarun Arora, Associate Professor

4. Ms. Shweta Arora, Deputy Registrar Convener


  • To counsel and guide CUPB students on various issues and help them to manage academic and personal demands of a university life effectively
  • To help students of all beliefs and identities who may react to such events with feelings that include anger, hurt, confusion, fear, helplessness, loneliness, and hopelessness
  • To counsel the students requesting a withdrawal from a specific academic programme for non-academic reasons.
  • To provide prompt counselling for mental health emergencies arising on account of highly charged events at the campus.

The Student Counselling Cell shall provide comprehensive preventive and clinical services to students enrolled for various academic programmes in the universlty. The goal of the cell would be to enhance the psychological wellbeing of CUPB students so they can take full advantage of the educational opportunities at the University. Some of the presentations that the Counselling Center will offer include academic success skill, conflict resolution, dealing with difficult situations, stress management techniques and time management. All student contacts and information obtained in the course of counselling will be confidential.